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Investigation on bioactive glucosinolates in chosen cruciferous vegetables varieties by HPLC


The aim of this paper was the determination of glucosinolates in chosen broccoli and cauliflower varieties. Qualitative and quantitative analysis has been carried using liquid chromatograph with UV detector. Glucosinolates were extracted from lyophilizated samples with hot methanol, extracts were purified on ion exchange columns and desulfation was carried. Glucotropaeolin was used as an internal standard, and content of individual glucosinolate has been calculated taking into consideration relative responce factor. Confirmation of glucosinolates were conducted using LC-ESI/ MS. Among identified glucosinolates in choosen vegetables most abundant were: glucoraphanin, glucobrassicin and neoglucobrasscin. Each broccoli varieties (Cezar, Tiburon, Milady and Chevalier) as cauliflower varieties, cultivated on Horticultural Faculty of Warsaw Agricultural University fields, harvested between July and October 2006, were different both profile as content of glucosinolates. The differences were in glucosinolates’ content and composition for the same variety sew and harvested in varied time period, moreover differences between particular morphological parts of the same plant as flower head top or stalk.


broccoli, cauliflower, glucosinolates, HPLC, identification