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Genetically modified food - new kind of functional food


While searching for effective sources of functional food, also genetically modified food (GMF) must be taken into account. Employing new techniques of genetic engineering seems to be the fastest way for obtaining food which forms desirable nutritious value and wholesomeness of diets. Regarding that, the future function of genetically modified food as a specific type of functional food was presented. In the production of food of plant origin a positive example of such a solution is the reduction of the gluten content from wheat grain (important especially for people with intolerance of that kind of protein), modification of the essential amino acids content in cereals and soybean, reduction of alkaloids in potatoes, enhancing the carotenoids content. Recently, special attention has been paid to the possibilities created by genetic modification in using animals as bioreactors and thus obtaining a special kind of functional food, e.g. milk of reduced allergenic properties received by lowering the β-lactoblobulin content or milk rich in transgenic globulin designed for special groups of patients taking frequent and high amounts of antibiotics. The consequences of genetic modification are taken into account not only by the scientists from the fields of genetic engineering, biotechnology and food technology, but also by public opinion. The presented article discussed potential risk of transgenesis in animals and plants.