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Gluten-free bread concentrates with some hydrocolloids


The aim of this work was the investigation on the recipes for gluten-free bread concentrates which could allow the obtaining a bread demonstrating a suitable volume and crumb structure, good sensoric properties near a wheaten bread but having a higher nutritive value and larger durability than the glutenfree bakery products available in Poland. The scope of this work included the determination of the influence of kind and dose of hydrocolloids on the physico-chemical and sensoric properties of bakery products obtained from gluten-free concentrates as well as the investigation of possibilities of use the gum mixtures including the estimation of the influence of the portion of sequential components of mixture on the bread quality. The following preparations have been used: carrageenans, guar gum, locust bean gum and xanthan gum. On the basis of the investigation performed it came to the conclusion that the best amount of a single hydrocolloid or their mixtures corresponded to 1%. The larger increase of the dose of gum does not improve the quality and moreover it led to degradation of the physico-chemical and sensoric properties of gluten-free bread. It has been shown that the application of mixtures instead of single hydrocolloid improves the quality of gluten-free bread. The texture analysis shows that the obtained gluten free bread hold the freshness at least for two days.