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Grain's technological value of winter wheat cultivated after different forecrops


The research was conducted in order to obtain complex evaluation of technological value of winter wheat SAKWA cultivated in 1998 and 1999 with eco-friendly fertilizer doses ie 150 or 180 kg NPK/ha. Lowering of mineral fertilization was compensated by higher content of organic fertilizers in form of ploughed green mass of different forecrops: oat, white mustard, red clover, field bean and barley straw. Evaluation of wheat’s technological value was based on new qualitative classification proposed by COBORU, which is now introduced in assessment of cultivars. The following parameters were measured: falling number and protein content in grain, sedimentation number with SDS, water absorption of flour, dough softening, bread volume and yield of flour. These values were supplemented with gluten quantity and quality indices and the remaining rheological features ie. times of dough development and stability and quality number. Also bread assessment value (BAV) was calculated from points given for crumb volume, porosity, elasticity and moisture content. The results of research allowed to conclude, that grain technological value of winter wheat can be changed by proper forecrop selection. During two vegetation seasons the most appropriate forecrops for winter wheat SAKWA proved to be red clover, field bean, barley straw and oat.