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Profile of acoustic properties of potato chips depending on mechanical test type used


In the research study, acoustic and mechanical properties of potato chips were analysed with the use of various mechanical tests. The potato chips analyzed were produced from two potato varieties that differed in the content of dry matter and starch. The acoustic properties were measured while mechanically testing the chips in a material strength testing machine manufactured by Zwick/Roell, a Kramer Shear Cell, and a Warner-Bratzler Shear. The selected mechanical properties (maximum force and work) and the acoustic emission descriptors (amplitude of event, energy of event, mean event duration, number of AE events, and crispness index) were determined. The timing of AE signal amplitude, generated by the loaded chips, was analyzed. On this basis, there were determined and described the characteristic positions of the acoustic signals being generated and the differences between the acoustic properties of the chips originating from the potato cultivars studied. Regardless of the type of a mechanical test performed, the EA descriptor to differentiate the material analyzed was the number of acoustic emission events. It was found that the test of mechanical properties of chips with the use of a Kramer Shear Cell was more reliable than the cut test.


acoustic emission (AE), mechanical properties, potato chips