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Consumer knowledge about food product labellng


Labels on food products are a carrier of lots of information facilitating the consumer purchase decision-making. The objective of the study was to assess the consumer knowledge about the labelling and the ability of consumers to utilize the information shown on food packages. The responses connected with this issue were obtained based on the survey conducted using questionnaires. The questions therein referred to the consumer expectations as regards the contents of food labels and to the consumer ability to utilize them in the purchase decision process. The analysis of the responses given showed that the method of presenting information on the labels on food packages was rather comprehensible for the consumers. The readability of the texts on labes considerably improved. Similar to other European countries, the Polish consumers buying food products focus their attention on the price, the minimum shelf-life or expiration date, and on the brand name. The increasing consumer awareness of the impact of diet on their health causes the interest in information covered by the food products labels to grow. At the same time, a properly developed information campaign is necessary to inform the consumers about the contents shown on the labels on food products packages and to teach them how to understand the information contained therein.


food product labelling, consumer behaviour, food law