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The selected quality properties of carcass fat of fatteners from various pig genetic lines


The improved meatiness of pigs caused the slaughter value of fatteners to significantly and beneficially increase, and, at the same time, the content of fat in carcasses of fatteners to decrease. The decreased adiposity contributed to the quantitative and qualitative changes in the subcutaneous fat, intermuscular fat (IMF), and in intramuscle fat. The technological quality of adipose tissue, including such parameters as: consistency, cohesiveness, firmness, and oxidation sensibility, decides on its usefulness for processing. In the paper, basic quality parameters of pig adipose tissue of carcasses of fatteners were analysed and assessed. The fatteners were born using two different variants of cross-breeding: cross-breeds pbz x (pi x du) (group I) and hybrid cross-breeds from the Hypor x PIC 337 line (group II). The quality assessment based on the essential chemical composition determined, on the selected chemical parameters, on the content of individual fatty acids in fat, on the determined melting temperature, and, on colour values measured using a special apparatus. The comparison of subcutaneous and leaf fats shows that leaf fat contains less water and protein and more fat compared to back fat. In fat materials from cross-breeds from the hybrid line (Hypor x PIC 337), a lower protein level was determined and this fact can favour storage stability of those materials. The colour values measured show the yellowness to have the decisive impact on how this characteristic develops; it was found that the back-fat from group I was lighter than from group II, and the leaf fat was lighter than the back-fat. The melting temperature and the iodine value are characteristic for subcutaneous and intern fat, i.e. a higher melting temperature and a lower iodine value were determined in intern fat.


quality, pig fats, genotype