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The principles of developing new food products towards meeting the consumers’ expectations, exemplified by meat and its products


In the paper, the concepts relating to development strategies of new food products and to their marketing are briefly explicated, and general principles of developing such new food products are presented. The “life cycle” of a product is described, and major methods of marketing strategies are characterized. The market of meat and its products in Poland is analyzed and specific features of this economic sector are pointed out. Several examples of how consumers react to novel meat products and new dietary trends are given. The authors emphasize that customers regard some product properties as crucial elements of the required quality, thus, those properties must be included in the novel product development, for example: flavor and smell qualities, no preservative agents added, no chemical and/or microbiological impurities, high nutritive value, differentiated energetic value, etc. The authors point out other quality elements, such as functionality, easy preparation for eating, and suitability to freezing and short-term storage in refrigerators. Moreover, the authors conclude that consumers generally prefer local food products manufactured using environmental friendly and/or traditional procedures. It is indispensable to include the above-indicated trends while creating and developing novel food products.


new product, developing principles, consumer, meat products