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Effect of type 4 resistant starch on colour and rheological properties of tomato ketchup


The objective of the research study was to asses the usefulness of a technological RS4 type resistant starch of different botanical origin used as a thickener in ketchup sauces. The research material consisted of natural starches: potato starch, maize starch, and waxy maize starch, which were modified by the use of a cross-linking agent containing an adipic and acetic anhydride. The following research was performed: rheological analysis, texture analysis, colour and acidity analysis of the end product. It was found that, from the rheological point of view, all the sauces were pseudo-plastic fluids with a yield point. The highest apparent viscosity was recorded for the ketchup with the addition of the waxy maize, then, for the ketchup with the potato starch added, and with the maize starch added. The parameters of the texture profile of the ketchups analyzed slightly differed from the parameters of commercial ketchups, and the largest differences appeared in the range of hardness and adhesiveness. The application of the resistant starch preparations as a thickening agent to the production of the ketchup sauces has a positive effect on their colour. The botanical origin did not have any effect on the pH level of the analyzed products. The usefulness was confirmed of the RS34 type resistant starch, in particular of the potato and waxy maize starch, when applied as a thickener in ketchup type sauces.


resistant RS4 type starch,, ketchup, texture, rheology