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High-pressure method applied in processing of meat and meat products


The objective of the research study was to evaluate the potentiality and effectiveness of applying the high pressure method in the processing of meat and meat products and, based on the reference literature data, to point out the development trends for HP technologies. In the paper, there were presented characteristics of the HP method used in food preservation, principles of applying high pressure to food products and advantages resulting from its use. The shelf life of food products is extended, inter alia, by reducing the count of microorganisms or by decreasing  the activity of enzymes. Also a mechanism was explained of destroying microorganisms by high pressure. The potentiality was characterized of the HP method applied in the field of meat and meat products processing. The effect was discussed of high pressure on the changes in the structure of proteins and meat colour, and on the  fat oxidation in meat and its products. The options were presented of how to decrease the salt content by using  high pressure including its impact on qualitative and sensory features of meat products. The role was described of  high pressure in packaged raw meat materials and meat products. The suggestions were listed on how to increase  the lethal effect concerning microorganisms by linking the HP method with factors enhancing the synergistic  effect of preserving meat and meat products, such as: low pH, carbon dioxide, antimicrobials, vacuum packing or  cold storage of products. Also there were pointed out the development trends for the HP method.


meat and meat products, high-pressure (HP) method, effectiveness of applying HP, trends