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Influence of dietary supplement with vegetable oils and alfatocopherol on oxidative processes of fat and sensorical changes of broiler chicken meat


In the research work the oxidative processes of lipids (content of peroxides, malonaldehyde and cholesterol oxidation products) and their influence on sensoric evaluation of chicken meat of chicken fed with the diet supplemented with rape oil, flax seeds and alfa-tocopherol were analysed. Sensoric analysis of taste and odour supplemented with sensory profile of meat after roasting and 4 and 6 days of refrigerated storage was carried out. Passed analysis proved that cooling storage time had significant influence on sensoric evaluation of chicken meat. Amount of vegetable oil added to fodder had significant influence on dynamics of oxidative processes in meat lipids. The relationship between changes in taste and odour and dynamics of oxidative processes of lipids in breast and leg muscles has been confirmed in our experiment.