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Influence of feeding system on oxidative processes occuring in chicken meat during refrigeration storage


In this study the influence of the dietary supplement with rape, linseed and soya oils with or without antioxidant (vitamin E) on lipid oxidation and flavour of chicken meat was analysed. The results showed that TBA value increased by three times during storage. Vitamin E supplement effectively inhibited undesirable oxidative processes in broiler muscles. Rape and linseed oils supplement led to increase in PUFA n-3 in lipids obtained from breast muscle. Major source of PUFA n-6 was supplement by soya oil. The consumer acceptability was the highest for meat samples of chickens fed with soya oil and vitamin E addition. Deterioration of flavour and odour of meat samples appeared after 4 days of storage. Flavours and odours like rancid, fish, add and metallic were identified.