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Influence of selective edible coatings on osmotic dehydration of strawberries


Recently, there has been increasing interest in pretreatment of food items in concentrated solutions so as to obtain a significant water removal with limited solid gain. Since the solute uptake is inevitable in osmotic dewatering process there appears a need to develop a method which would allow to control the permeation of the solute into the plant tissue. Applying of selective coatings on the surface of osmoticaly dehydrated food pieces is now examined expecting lower penetration of solute in the tissue. The aim of this work was to determine the influence of covering of frozen strawberries with semipermeable membranes on mass transfer during osmotic dehydration in 61,5% saccharose solution. Low methyled pectin and potato starch were used to make aqueous solutions for coating strawberries. The water loss and solid gain were found to be dependent on the coating type. Generally, the values of solid gain and water loss were lower in coated samples than in uncoated ones. Taking into consideration the ratio of water loss and solid gain the starch was recognized as the best for coating of frozen strawberries.