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Food related hazards as perceived by the food consumers


The main objective of this paper was to determine the state of awareness of existing and potential food related hazards among the Polish consumers. In a period from the 4th to 11th of December 2003, a representative sample of 1000 Polish adult consumers was surveyed. In the survey, a questionnaire „The level of the consumers’ awareness of food related hazards” was applied. The analysis of selected data indicates that Polish adult consumers do see specific hazards involved in the production and distribution of food; in particular, they believe that the highest risk is connected with adding osseous meal supplementation to animal diet and with applying chemical agents to protect plants. The respondents surveyed were relatively well aware of risks resulting both from the antibiotics administered to animals during their medical treatment, and from other additives used to supplement food. Furthermore, the consumers’ awareness of those main risks as described above was confirmed by their opinions: the consumers expressed they felt risk when consuming food, and it was attributed to the fact that they were aware additives and residues of plant protection chemicals were usually present in foods consumed. On the other hand, the consumers surveyed were not much worried about bioterrorism with regard to food. It should be emphasized that both the level of education and the age of respondents were the variables, which significantly influenced the way the respondents perceived all the hazards involved in food they consumed.


food, consumer, food related hazards