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Technological properties of a frozen pork meat depending on the storage time period and a thawing method


The objective of the present paper was to determine effects of a freezing storage time and a thawing method on the weight loss, basic chemical composition, and physical and chemical properties of the pork meat. A microwave technology of thawing was compared with a traditional thawing in the atmospheric air. The results of the study showed that weight losses in the pork meat thawed in a microwave oven, and determined after two weeks of being stored under the freezing conditions, were significantly lower than in the pork meat thawed under natural conditions, i.e. in the atmospheric air. The weight losses increased as the time of cold storage was prolonged, however, three months later, it was stated that differences between the samples thawed using the two methods examined became reduced. Changes in the technological properties of the pork meat depended on the freezing storage time. The pork meat thawed in a microwave oven, and in the atmospheric air, and stored for two weeks, was characterized by a darker colour if compared with the pork meat that was stored during a period of three months.


meat of pork, freezing storage, thawing method, technological properties