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Rheological properties and retrogadation of some selected modified waxy maize starches


The rheological properties of pastes made of modified waxy maize were investigated and compared with the properties of native starch. Apparent viscosity curves were plotted using a rotational viscosimeter type Brookfield DV-III V 3.3 RV. Changes in rheological parameters occurring whilst storing the pastes investigated were analysed as was the resistance of the pastes to the freezing-thawing cycles. Furthermore, during the storage of pastes, the light transmission intensity was assessed using a Turbiscan Lab apparatus. Within the investigated range of shear rates, the starch pastes appeared to be non-Newtonian and shear-thinned fluids showing a thixotrophy phenomenon. The modified starch pastes were characterized by a higher stability of their rheological parameters during their storage, as well as by a certain resistance to the freezing-thawing cycles compared to the native starch paste of waxy maize. The modified starch pastes were less transparent than the native starch paste; however, their transparency did not change during the storage.


waxy maize starch, chemically modified starch, stability during storage, freezing-thawing stability, retrogradation