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Development and validation of sensory scaling method with QDA elements to evaluate quality of fruit and vegetable products as well as quality control of results obtained


A method has been developed to evaluate sensory quality of fruit and vegetable products; the method developed belongs to a group of scaling methods with QDA (Quality Data Analysis) elements, it fulfils the assumptions of the SQCCP (Sensory Quality Critical Control Point) system and it is proven useful for this system. A material used to develop the method were fruit and vegetable products provided by producers or purchased in retail stores; those products were analyzed during a one year period. Basic elements of the method developed are as follows: evaluation (by scores) of specific features of the product, value of its general features to be determined based of those features, and the overall quality score to be calculated using weighting factors. The procedure used during analysis was described as were the validation of the method and quality control of the analysis results under the intra-laboratory replicability monitoring. The result of the sensory analysis obtained using this method consists of numerical scores assigned to general features with specific features that are described in words and quantified as well as with quantitative distribution of scores of specific features within the panel, and of the weighted score of general features, i.e. the overall quality score of the product. The quality control of the results obtained using this method consisted in monitoring the replicability of the analysis results with regard to the set replicability limit, which was 1.5 point. The method developed was characterized by replicability ranging between 0.08 and 0.66 point in the case of the higher value of scores assigned to general features and between 0.00 and 0.76 points in the case of lower values of those scores.


fruit and vegetable products, sensory analysis, overall quality score, weighting factors, quality control of results, limits of replicability