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Effect of Gel-fat additive and time of sterilization on properties of model canned meat product


The effect was studied of the Gel-fat additive and time of sterilization on the properties of model canned meat product. Three variants of meat batters were prepared; they contained different amounts of the Gel-fat additive (0; 0.5, and 1.0 %); next, the batters were sterilized (at 120 °C for 30 and 40 minutes). After the sterilization and cooling of the products studied, the following parameters were determined in the canned meat products: thermal drip, L *, a *, b *colour parameters, maximum force of penetration, basic chemical composition, and pH value. It was found that the extending of sterilization time significantly impacted the increase in the thermal drip (by ca. 4 %) and the decrease in the force of penetration (by ca. 1.5 N) of model canned meat products studied. The addition of Gel-fat preparation did not affect the level of thermal drip; however, it caused the hardness of the canned meat products to increase (by about 3 N). No changes were found in the L* and a* colour parameters that were caused by this preparation. Only the b* colour parameter increased (by about 1 unit). The basic chemical composition and the pH value remained unchanged.


canned meat product, Gel-fat preparation, sterilization, thermal drip, rheological features