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Biogenic amines in dry cured meat product


Biogenic amines are natural components of animal and plant raw materials where they are present at concentrations appearing non-harmful to human health. Their increased content in foods results from the activity of endogenous enzymes or from the microbial decarboxylation of amino acids during the controlled or spontaneous fermentation, processing, storage, and distribution. The dry cured meat products are characterized by a high variability in the content of biogenic amines. The formation of those compounds is impacted by the following: quality of raw material, hygienic conditions during the processing of raw material, and technological factors such as temperature, pH, water activity, NaCl content, and redox potential. It is possible to prevent the occurrence of biogenic amines in dry cured meat products by the application of starter cultures during the processing, which do not show the ability to form those biogenic amines. Probiotic strains of lactic acid bacteria contribute to the improvement of health safety of dry cured meat products since they inhibit the growth of adverse microflora and the reduction of biogenic amines content associated therewith.


biogenic amines, dry cured meat products, probiotics