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Changes in quality traits of eggs from yellowleg partridge (Ż-33) laying hens depending on storage conditions of eggs


There were studied the eggs laid by the 38-week-old Yellowleg Partridge (Ż-33) laying hens that were kept at an Experimental Station, the National Research Institute of Animal Production in Chorzelów. The hens were kept on a litter at a stocking density of 5 birds per mand fed a standard DJ diet for layers, with a free access to feed and water. A total of 120 eggs weighing between 56 and 57 g were taken from a collection of eggs obtained from 380 hens during one day. The eggs were stored at temperatures of 6 °C and 21 °C and at a relative humidity of 45-50 %. The egg quality was assessed on the 1st, 7th, 14th, and 21st day of storage. It was found that the storage conditions had a significant effect on the decrease in the weight of egg and yolk, the air cell enlargement, and the reduction in the albumen height. The temperature of 21°C had a greater effect on the dynamics of those changes whilst the eggs stored at a temperature of 6 °C were characterized by a good quality and freshness even on the 21st day of being stored.


laying hens, egg storage, egg quality