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Influence of storage time on general properties and stability of cacao powder with L-ascorbic acid added


Cacao instant enriched in vitamin C has desired properties by consumer, constitutes source of vitamins, minerals and is characterized by selected aroma and colour and is quick and easy to prepare. The knowledge of vitamin C content changes in time permits to expect vitamin C stability in cocoa instant during storage time in specified conditions. The ascorbic acid is very important in food technology as vitamin factor and as a factor witch protects different food components. The oxidation process of food components can cause unfavourable changes during the technological process and storage. The aim of this research was to analyse the storage time influence on physical properties and the stability of instant cacao with L-ascorbic acid added. The range of the research assumed also the influence of the raw material composition, agglomeration, as well as the way of L-ascorbic acid insertion to cacao on physical properties of the analyzed products. Investigated materials consists powders products like: instant sugar – powdered sugar, alkalized cacao, maltodextrin, non-fat milk powder, soy lecithin and Lascorbic acid. The storage process deteriorated the mixtures and agglomerate properties, without regard on the way of L-ascorbic acid insert. The largest differences of the powder products were received during flowability and wettability analysis.


agglomeration, flowability, wettability, granulation, cacao, L-ascorbic acid