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Sorption properties of modelled powdered nutrients


The aim of this study was measurement of sorption properties of food powder mixtures with regards of mixture composition influence. The range of the work included analysis of water vapour adsorption on kinetics and isotherms of chosen food powders and formed from them mixtures. The modelled food powders were created on basis of following powders: milk powder, powdered sugar, strawberry powder, corn gruel and rice gruel. Analysed components and food powder mixtures were characterized with diversified ability of adsorption of water vapour. In the range of water activity 0–0.9 noticeable differences in course of isotherms and curves of kinetics of water adsorption ability for measured food powders and formed on their base mixtures were appeared. Isotherms of water vapour adsorption for milk powder, corn gruel and rice gruel and researched mixtures had a compatible course with course of II type isotherms according to BET classification. Only powdered sugar and strawberry powder were characterized with different course and were characterized with course of III type isotherms according to BET classification.


food powders, multiple mixtures, sorption kinetics, sorption isotherms