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Stability and quality of non-cholesterol, low-fat mayonnaise emulsions with inulin


The study of mayonnaise emulsions with inulin production was taken because of its special nutritional properties, like prebiotic, increasing minerals absorbtion and bioavailability from food, but also because of its technological properties, like gel forming and possible synergism activity between other gelling substances to replace fat in food products. The objective of this study was to improve stability and sensory quality of non-cholesterol, low-fat mayonnaise emulsions with 5% fat content and inulin addition as a fat replacer. Product stability was determined with Saffle and Acton method and appearance, taste and total quality were sensory analyzed. Control sample included 15% of inulin. An addition of 0,5, 1,5 and 3% of gelatin and modified starch (hydroxy propyl distarch phosphate) and 0,5, 1, 1,5% of guar gum and 14,5, 14, 13,5 and 12% of inulin were applied. It was proved that mayonnaise emulsions with inulin without stabilizers had low – 83,8% – stability. It was stated that guar gum increased stability of examined emulsions to 100%. The highest marks of sensory quality received mayonnaises with starch and guar gum. It was also proved that starch addition had no influence on the most of examined parameters and sensory quality. Optimum was mayonnaise with 5% fat, 14% inulin and 1% guar gum content. Non-cholesterol and low-fat product was stable, with high glossiness and with taste accepted by consumers.


low-fat emulsions, hydrocolloids, inulin, stability, sensory analysis