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Effect of additions of alcoholic drinks on the process of freezing fruit sorbets


The objective of this paper was to determine the effect of some alcoholic drinks added to orange sorbets on the development of cryoscopic temperature and the course of freezing process of sorbet. The sorbet samples were air frozen at t = -32 °C. The cryoscopic temperature of the products analyzed depended on the type and amounts of alcoholic products added. The higher content of those alcoholic products caused the cryoscopic temperature of sorbets to essentially decrease. The analysis of sorbets included the determination of total extract content in sorbets and the organoleptic assessment using a grading test. It was found that the freezing process affected the content of extract in a different way. The sorbets with gin, champagne, and vodka added in the amount of 7.50 % of the sorbet’s total volume were the most suitable frozen fruit dessert from the sensory point of view.


freezing, cryoscopic temperature, fruit sorbet, alcoholic additives