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Gluten-free bread concentrate with addition of amaranthus flour


Gluten-free products are characterized by an essentially lower nutritional value compared to traditional products. In particular, this refers to the contents of mineral components and proteins. This is why products for the gluten-free diet must be particularly carefully selected and dishes must be varied. The objective of the study was to develop a gluten-free bread concentrate recipe with the addition of amaranthus flour. Based on this recipe, bread can be baked having physicochemical and sensory properties similar to properties of traditional wheat bread, however, its texture parameters are better and its nutritional value is higher if compared with the gluten free breads available on the market. Under the scope of the study, it was determined what impact the addition of amaranthus flour had on the physicochemical and sensory parameters of the bread baked. The additions of amaranthus flour (that partially replaced the corn flour) applied were 2.5; 5; 7.5; 10; and 12.5% of the total mass of the bread concentrate. The following parameters of the breads baked were determined: mass, volume, porosity of bread crumb, moisture, and acidity. The sensory assessment was performed as was the analysis of texture using a Zwick 1120 device. With the bread concentrate enriched with amaranthus flour, the baked glutenfree breads showed better properties. The addition of amaranthus flour caused the volumes of breads to increase. The moisture content in the breads baked was perfectly maintained during the 48-h storage. Based on the texture analysis results obtained, it was found that the hardness of bread decreased, thus, the phenomenon of bread crumbling could be partially eliminated. The best results were reported when the amount of amaranthus flour added was 10% of the total mass of bread concentrate.


gluten-free bread, amaranthus, enriching the nutritional value