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Fruits of milk thistle as a health-enhancing additive to bakery products


The aim of this research was to evaluate the content of biologically active compounds (flavonolignan complex, together referred to as silymarin) and other components of milk thistle fruits, as a potential additive to bakery products and to determine the effect of different doses of ground fruits on the bakery products quality. The additives levels were selected in such a way as to make the dietetic doses of silymarin account for 10% of medicinal doses. The dry matter of fruits included 2,83% of silymarin, 16,0% of total protein with the glutamic acid dominant among amino acids, 20,6% of oil with linolic acid accounting for the greatest share (54,7%) and 24,2 % of crude fibre. The milk thistle fruit doses applied 0,4 g. 0,84 g. 1,4 g for every 250 g of dough did not change the flavour, smell, colour and physicochemical properties of the bakery products.


milk thistle, silymarin, flavonolignans, wheat bakery products, health-enhancing foods