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The change of oxidative and physical stability of low-fat emulsions during cooling storage


This study analyses the effect of guar gum with Dimodan U/J monoglyceride, soya lecithin and water plant extracts (dry matter 0.17%) from dry leaves of: rosemary (Rosmarinus officinalis L.); sage (Salvia officinalis L.); clary sage (Salvia sclarea L.); horse-radish root (Cochlearia armoracia L.); and sea buckthorn fruit (Hippophaë rhamnoides L.) on the stability of dispersion systems stored in glass packages for 8 weeks at cooling temperature (4°C ± 1°C). The emulsive systems were prepared in a ratio of the water phase to sunflower oil of about 60:40 in laboratory conditions. The analysis of oxidative changes of emulsive systems found that Dimodan U/J with lecithin inhibited the oxidation of fat. The application of these emulsifying agents with guar gum increased the oxidative stability of emulsions by about 63.33%. They efficiently inhibited the oxidation of emulsions to hydroperoxides and secondary oxidation products and conjugated dienes and trienes, and demonstrated total antioxidant activity of about 69.82%. From among the plant extracts clary sage, horse-radish and sea buckthorn application with/without guar gum was the most efficient in the reduction of the oxidation of fat phase during storage. These plant extracts could successfully constitute the water phase in low-fat dispersion systems. The extracts of sage and rosemary with other components of emulsion demonstrated low antioxidant activity in analysed conditions. The applied monoglyceride and lecithin with guar gum formed high physical durability of emulsive systems during the entire storage time, and also stabilized the pH. However, the emulsions without guar gum were little physically stable. Water plant extracts didn’t affect the change of emulsifying activity and stability coefficient of analysed dispersion systems.


low-fat emulsions, emulsifiers, plant extracts, antioxidant activity, emulsifying activity, emulsion stability