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Evaluation of medium used for detection and enumeration of Campylobacter spp. in poultry meat


Two selective enrichment broths (Preston, Bolton) and one enrichment broth (Brucella) as well as modified charcoal cefoperazone deoxycholate (mCCDA) and Karmali agars were evaluated for their efficiency to isolate and enumerate Campylobacter spp. in samples taken from poultry carcasses. Swab samples for qualitative studies was taken from poultry carcasses and rubbed thoroughly over the surface of mCCDA and Karmali agar. Whereas, buffered peptone water rinses were used in order to estimate of the quantitative contamination of samples. The study was carried out in three stages which includes solid and broth medium assessment for qualitative methods and solid medium assessment for qualitative methods according to the internal procedures and the Polish Standard PN-ISO 10272:2002. It has been showed that Bolton broth produced the best results but was statistically similar to Preston media (100% and 94%, respectively). However, in case of non-selective Brucella bullion, much lower level was gained (47%). Additionally, it has been also found that with using mCCDA agar detection was 100% while for Karmali agar 94%. Furthermore, mCCDA medium gave higher amount of Campylobacter spp. from washed carcass samples in comparison with Karmali agar. Lower percentage of positive samples was likely caused by increasing grow of nonspecific microflora (35% and 23% for Karmali and mCCDA agar, respectively). It should be point out that the best results were obtained by using Bolton selective enrichment broth and mCCDA selective agar.


Campylobacter, mCCDA agar, Karmali agar, Preston broth, Bolton broth, poultry meat