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Legal requirements on food contact materials


The safety of food contact materials (FCMs) and products on the market is particularly important. Extensively discussed in the reference literature, this topic is reflected in the requirements of national and international law acts. Those issues stem from the basic consumer  rights to protection of health and life; hence the need for ensuring the food safety as well as the safety of materials and products intended  for contact with food. The following are the areas where it is essential to ensure the safety of FCMs and products in contact with food:  appropriate chemical composition, maintaining global and specific limits of migration from materials into packaged food, microbiological  cleanliness of the surface of materials, no foreign bodies, appropriate sensory characteristics, proper condition of unit package, correct  labelling, documentary evidence to confirm the compliance of materials and products with applicable regulations, to ensure the  traceability of materials throughout the supply chain, to ensure the traceability, implementation, and application of appropriate standards,  which provide for the safety of materials and packaging. The objective of the research study was to present legal requirements  on the food contact materials (FCMs).


materials and products intended for contact with food, law acts, consumer health protection, packaging safety