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Nourishment and chronic non-contagious diseases in the opinion of consumers of the non-conventional food


The objective of the research was to determine motives and trends in the demand for non-conventional food of the customers buying in the shops offering organic and low-processed foodstuffs. The opinions of respondents were presented on whether or not inappropriate nourishment could possibly impact the occurrence risk of some definite chronic, non-contagious diseases. The research was conducted using a method of directly surveying 350 persons in Kraków, Lublin, Kielce, and Rzeszów. It was found that the absolute majority of the people surveyed were regular buyers in those shops, who first of all purchased foodstuffs manufactured using ecological methods, as well as vegetarian and low-calorie products. The main motive of eating non-conventional foods was the concern for their own and their families’ health. Most frequently, the polled mentioned they were convinced of a correlation between the way of nourishing and the health problems resulting from the excessive body mass (overweight). Additionally, the majority of the respondents noticed the impact of a diet on the occurrence risk of such diseases as diabetes, digestion disorders, and circulatory diseases.


non-conventional food, chronic non-contagious diseases, purchase motives