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Long-lasting, continuous fermentation by yest cells immobilized on foam glass


Long-lasting, continuous wine fermentation by yeast cells immobilized on foam glass was investigated. The fermentation was carried out for more than 4,5 months at 22°C. The medium was passed thrugh 4 glass columns with the cubes of foam glass at a rate of 5-6 days. The steady state was maintained for more than 3 months and insignificant decrease of alcohol content was observed after this period. The negative changes in the sensoric quality of wine occured in the 5th month of investigation. The decrease in the number of yeast cells per ml of medium in the columns and at the work time of fermentor was stated. The increase in number of non-viable yeast cells in the columns was observed too. Microscopic observation shows morphological changes of yeast cells after fermentation. This research has shown that process of continuous wine fermentation with yeast immobilized on foam glass can be conducted for 3-4 months.