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Characterization of poultry fat and rapeseed oil mixture prior to and after the enzymatic interesterification


Poultry fat, one of the by-products in the meat industry, is an inexpensive raw material produced in considerable quantities; however, it is not attractive to consumers. Compared to the fat of mammals, it is characterized by a highly desirable composition of fatty acids. There is a potential option to technologically modify this fat by blending it, fractioning it, or by its interesterification. The objective of this study was to characterize the source materials, a mixture of poultry fat and rapeseed oil (40 : 60 w/w) and to determine the impact of enzymatic interesterification on some selected properties of this mixture. The process of interesterification was enzymatically catalyzed using a Lipozyme RM IM preparation. The following parameters were analyzed of the raw materials, of the starting mixture, and of the crude products after the interesterification: acid value and peroxide value, oxidative stability, polar fraction content, as well as the fatty acid composition and the sn-2 and sn-1,3 distributions of fatty acids in the triacylglycerides. It was found that the addition of rapeseed oil caused the content of oleic, linoleic, and linolenic acids to increase compared to the raw poultry fat. The qualitative fatty acid content remained unchanged after the interesterification. The oxidative stability of the final interesterefication product was significantly reduced compared to one of the components (rapeseed oil) and to the starting mixture, but it increased if compared to the second raw material, i.e. to the poultry fat. The starting mixture proved to be the most resistant to oxidation compared to the interesterification products. The parameters such as acid value and polar fraction content increased after the interesterification. Their increase was proportional to the water content in the enzymatic preparation used. Both the raw materials and the interesterification products are liquid at a room temperature.


enzymatic interesterification, poultry fat, rapeseed oil, Lipozyme RM IM