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Influence of storage conditions on the staling rate of frozen cake products


The subject of undertaken researches was to determine influence of temperature of storage to the dynamism of staling process in frozen cake products. Yeast products of two producers X and Y were the research material. Ready yeast cakes were frozen with a chamber method and were stored for the period of 180 days in three storage chambers. In two chambers constant temperatures of -12ºC and -22ºC have been held, however in the third one there were conditions of variable temperature (-12ºC;-22ºC). Depending on thermal conditions, staling rate changes were researched with two methods: by determining the value of blue quantity and by defining the ability to absorb and hold water in a piece of cake. On the basis of achieved results it was stated that values of blue quantities and abilities to hold water during the storage have decreased, what resulted in a decrease of product’s quality, caused by staling of cake products. Changes in the structure of pulp caused by ageing of the yeast cake remained in a strict dependence with environment temperature conditions. The most beneficial storage version was the temperature of -22ºC. Additionally, used methods of staling rate measurement characterized with a high correlation coefficient, what means that they can be used in exchange.


ready yeast cakes, staling rate, starch retrogradation, blue quantity, water absorbing, keeping ability