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The interesterification of blends made of beef tallow and rapeseed oil fractions


Beef tallow is one of the most important by-products of the meat industry. It is used in many different production branches and ranges. However, its application in the food industry is limited by its very specific physical properties. In order to make beef tallow potentially suitable and applicable in the food industry, it should be fractionated and interesterified. The objective of this study was to determine the impact of chemical and enzymatic interesterification reactions performed using the fractions of beef tallow and rapeseed oils (their content proportion being 3:2) on some selected properties of their blends. Triacylglycerol molecules were interesterified both chemically, using sodium methoxide, and enzymatically using two preparations: Novozym 435 (non specific in relation to the position of ester bonds) and Lipozyme IM (a preparation appearing specific in relation to ester bonds in the sn – 1,3 position). The following parameters were analyzed both in the physical blends and in their products after the interesterification performed: slip melting point; solid fat content; acid value; polar fractions; and, additionally, the composition and distribution of total fatty acids (sn-1,3 and sn-2). It was stated that, after the interesterification, the parameters: acid value and content of polar fractions increased. On the other hand, the value of slip melting point and the content of solid phase in the blends containing stearin and rapeseed oil were lower compared to non-esterified blends. The content of fatty acids remained unchanged, however, changes were stated in the distribution of fatty acids, namely, in the positions sn-1,2,3 after the chemical esterification and the catalytic esterification with the Novozym 435 preparation applied. The content of total fatty acids in the sn-2 position remained the same (unchanged) after the interesterification performed with the Lipozome IM preparation.


fractionation, interesterification, beef tallow, rapeseed oil, olein, stearin