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Effect of cross-linking on selected properties of pea (Pisum sativum) starch


The starch was isolated from ground and shelled seeds of two pea (Pisum sativum) varietes: Poa and Roch. The non-modified preparations obtained (NMSP) were chemically modified using a sodium trimetaphosphate (TMF). As a result of this chemical modification performed, a phosphorus was substituted in the Poa starch in the amount of 50 mg/100 g d.m. starch and into the Roch starch in the amount of 80 mg/100 g d.m. starch. The Poa pea starch was characterized by a digestibility value that was almost twice as high as the digestibility of the Roch pea starch (43 % and 21 %, respectively). The modification applied caused the digestibility of starch in the two preparations to slightly increase, and both the content of amylose in starch and the specific surface of starch to decrease. Moreover, it was found that the solubility of starch and its water holding capacity decreased compared to the initial starch.


pea starch, chemical modification, solubility, water absorption, digestibility