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The influence of the calcium lactate addition on the growth of the lactic acid bacteria in the MRS broth and milk


The aim of this study was to determine the influence of calcium lactate, water-soluble calcium salt, on the growth of lactic acid bacteria in liquid laboratory media (MRS broth) and milk. The addition of 2 and 4 g of calcium lactate into 100 cm3 of medium on the growth of mesophilic and termophilic lactococci and lactobacilli, present in commercial dairy starter cultures, was observed. It was affirmed, that calcium lactate in applied doses did not influenced significantly on the lactic acid bacteria. Increase of the bacteria numbers in calcium lactate fortified media and in the calcium lactate unfortified media were identical (P<0,05). However the different influence of calcium lactate addition on lactic acid bacteria was affirmed. After 24h incubation, pH value of the calcium lactate fortified media was higher than pH of the media without calcium lactate addition. Moreover, after 24h incubation of lactic acid bacteria in milk contained 4 g of calcium lactate (into 100 cm3 of milk), weaker curd was observed than in milk without calcium lactate addition. Longer fermentation time of calcium fortified milk was needed to reach the acidity and the curd conciseness, such as in control sample (in milk without calcium lactate addition). The lack of significant influence of calcium lactate on the dynamics of mesophilic and termophilic lactic acid bacteria was showed.


calcium lactate, lactic acid bacteria, fortification, calcium, milk