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Cheese-like products, analogs of processed and ripened cheeses


The assortment of dairy products has been extended to include essentially less expensive plant components as substitutes for natural milk components. Milk fat is the most often substituted component owing to its high price and, also, because there is a tendency to lower the cholesterol content in the diet. Milk fat is substituted not only by plant fat but, also, by a mixture of proteins and carbohydrates. In order to maximize the profits, essentially less expensive plant proteins are used instead of milk proteins. However, this substitution procedure is delimited by a problem how to develop a proper sensory profile of cheeses. The cheese products made of skimmed milk, with added plant fat, milk fat, or no milk fat added, are defined as “cheese-like” products. However, the analogs of processed and ripened cheeses are manufactured based on both the milk protein substitutes and the milk fat including suitable emulators. Pursuant to the Polish legal regulations in force, a product in which milk fat is substituted by plant fat and milk protein by plant protein or by any other components should not be labelled using any registered name that is provided exclusively for original dairy products.


cheese-like product, analog of processed and ripened cheeses