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Consumers’ preferences of poultry meat convenience food


The preferences of consumers of convenience food products made of poultry meat were assessed based on results of a survey conducted among the customers from the Wroclaw market. The survey was conducted among 280 persons shopping at shopping centers, local shops and marketplaces. The results indicate that only 6% of the surveyed households buy ready-to-eat dinner dishes. 18% prefer eating their meals out of their homes in order to save time. A vast majority of the customers (82-92%) buys poultry meat and poultry products in small shops and at local marketplaces. It is suggested that at such places information on and presentation of the qualities of convenience food products should be made available. This type of education may be important for both the consumers and poultry industry. Moreover, it should be noted that the majority of the customers buying meat products (including poultry) makes the decision based on the quality rather than price of the products.


poultry meat, convenience food, market survey, consumer preferences