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Effect of herbs extracts on quality and stability of crackers


In a laboratory, crackers were baked with herb extracts added, their amount between 0.02 % and 0.2 % of the weight of the fat added. Also, the crackers were baked without herbs added (control sample). A sensory evaluation of the ready-baked products was performed and their colour was measured. Furthermore, oxidative changes were determined, every 7 days, in the lipid fractions extracted directly after the baking and during a 28-day period of the thermo-stating of crackers (at a temperature of 60 °C). The progress of those changes was monitored, peroxide and anisidine values were determined, and a Totox index was calculated. The addition of herbs differently impacted the sensory quality and the colour of crackers; the latter was measured using a reflectance method. The products with a 0.2 % addition of oregano extract were considered as the best. It was found that the thyme extracts provided for the most effective protection of the lipid fraction in the crackers against autooxidation processes both during the formation of the primary and the secondary oxidation products.


crackers, herbs extracts, sensory quality, antioxidant properties, oxidation of lipid fraction