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Effect of Yarrowia lipolytica enzymes on selected qualitative features of ripening, low-fat cheeses


In the research, it was attempted to improve sensory features of ripening, low-fat cheeses by adding an enzymatic, proteolytic-lipolytic preparation obtained from Yarrowia lipolytica yeast. The cheeses with an amount of fat in dry mass reduced to a level of 30 % were produced from milk with the enzymatic yeast preparation added. Two variants of cheeses were produced: with a standard content of NaCl (1.5 %) and with an increased content of NaCl (3.3 %). During an 8-week period of ripening, the basic chemical composition of the cheeses was analysed as was the biodegradation level of proteins and fats. It was proved that with the enzymatic preparation added to the cheeses under production, the degradation processes of proteins and fats were intensified compared to the control cheeses. The level of biodegradation processes was higher in the cheeses having a standard content of NaCl (1.5 %) than in the cheeses with a 3.3 % concentration of NaCl. The yeast enzymes added contributed to a considerable accumulation of lowmolecular-weight nitrogen compounds and free fatty acids. Moreover, it was shown that the yeast hydrolases added to the cheeses significantly enriched them with volatile aromatic compounds, and this fact was confirmed during a chromatographic analysis and, also, by a sensory assessment.


low-fat cheeses, proteases, lipases, Yarrowia lipolytica, ripening process of cheeses