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Evaluation of processing usefulness of selected fruits of ground tomato cultivars


The objective of the study was to evaluate the processing usefulness of fruits of seventeen ground tomato cultivars. Those parameters were determined, which were considered the most important for the fruit processing: hardness of fruits, colour, and contents of dry matter, extract, and total sugars, as well as acidity and vitamin C content. The statistical analysis revealed that all the analyzed parameters of fruits of the studied cultivars significantly differed from each other. The cultivars for processing should be characterized by high hardness of fruits as it is a very important parameter during the transportation. The hardness of fruits in the horizontal direction was higher than their hardness in the vertical direction. The highest hardness in the two directions was found in the fruits of the Frodo and Sokal cultivars. The most advantageous colour parameters were found in the Frodo cultivars; their fruits showed the predominating (the most intensive) red colour of the best saturation level. The fruits of the Etna cultivar were characterized by the highest content of dry matter (above 6 %), the highest content of total extract (above 6 %), and the highest content of sugars (above 3 %).


ground tomatoes, cultivars, processing, chemical composition