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The influence of thermal treatment environment and storage conditions on colour of ready potato products prepared according to cook-chill method


The aim of this study was to investigate the influence of the kind of thermal treatment (on steam in the environment of normal and increased pressure, in the water) and time of storage on colour of some type of convenience food prepared according to cook-chill method. Potato noodles without filling (one component products) and potato noodles with cheese filling (two component products) were material of investigations. The 5-point scale method and the linear scaling method were used in sensory evaluation of colour. Additionally, colour parameters (L*, a*, b*) of potato paste were measured using a Minolta CR-310 colorimeter. Results of sensory analysis (according to 5-point scale method and to linear scaling method) indicated that colour does not differentiate of evaluated products. The kind of thermal treatment used before rapid chilling has significant influence on colour parameters of one and two component products which were measured instrumentally. Noodles which were treated in the water demonstrated lower rate of nonenzymatic browning reaction in comparison to samples prepared in steam environment.


convenience food, potato noodles, cook-chill method in the, L*a*b* system