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Procyanidins in the most popularin Poland dessert apple varietes


The contents of major flavan-3-ols : epicatechin, procyanidins: B1, B2, C, oligomeric procyanidins in ethanol extracts of 7 dessert apple varieties (Jonagold, Cortland, Lobo, Idared, Gloster, Champion, Elstar) was measured. The measurement was performed by RP-HPLC. Spectrophotomeric measurements of total polyphenols by Folin-Ciocalteau method and total procyanidins by vanillin test method were also performed. The contents of total procyanidins in apple flesh was on level 258-631mg/kg (HPLC), including epicatechin 33-172 mg/kg, procyanidin B1 4-47 mg/kg, procyanidin B2 64-166 mg/kg, procyanidin C1 5-73 mg/kg and oligomeric procyanidins 108-172 mg/kg. For apple flesh the total polyphenols ranged 407-643 mg/kg. For apple peel the total procyanidins ranged 701-1445 mg/kg, including epicatechin 156-400 mg/kg, procyanidin B1 14-74 mg/kg, procyanidin B2 185-369 mg/kg, procyanidin C 97-213 mg/kg and oligomeric procyanidins 211-459 mg/kg. For apple peel the total polyphenols ranged from 1573 to 2850 mg/kg. Elstar variety was characterized as the richest in procyanidins, both in apple flesh and in peel. Apple peel was shown to be richer in procyanidins than apple flesh. Good correlation between vanillin test and HPLC method for quantifying procyanidins in flesh and in edible part of apple was established.


procyanidins, apple, HPLC, vanillin test