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Effect of greek tea infusion and pulverized pepper on colour of raw ripening probiotic hams


The objective of the study was to assess the effect of green tea infusion and pulverized pepper on the parameters and colour stability of raw ripening probiotic hams during storage. Four variants of samples were prepared: K (without the addition of probiotic); LG (with the Lactobacillus casei ŁOCK 0900 probiotic added); LGH (with the probiotic and green tea extract added); LGP (with the probiotic and pulverized pepper added). In the samples analysed, the following was: acidity, oxidation-reduction potential, parameters, and colour stability using a CIE L* a* b* system. The count of lactic acid bacteria (LAB) was analyzed. The analyses were conducted immediately after the maturation of the product and after a 5-month period of storage at a temp. of 4 °C under anaerobic conditions. Immediately after completion of the maturation process, statistically significant differences (p 0.05) were found in the acidity (pH) of the ham samples; those differences depended on the additives added. The LGP samples were characterized by the lowest pH values (pH = 5.19) as were the LG samples (pH = 5.34). The effect was reported of the added green tea infusion on the hams produced; those hams had the highest pH values (6.05). After 5-month storage, the most stable pH values (an increase by 0.05 units) were reported in the LGH sample. The use of green tea infusion and pulverized pepper in the production of raw ripening probiotic products with Lactobacillus casei ŁOCK 0900 strain prevented the colour of the product to totally change while expositing its surface to daylight and during 5 months of storing it. The samples with tea and pepper added were characterized by an almost two-fold lower total change in the colour during 5-month storage (1.25 – 1.68 units) compared to the control sample (3.05 units). No effect was reported of the green tea and pepper added on the count of lactic acid bacteria.


ripening ham, Lactobacillus casei ŁOCK 0900 bacteria, green tea, pepper, colour