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The study on consumer attitudes to the relation between hygiene in home environment and food (a pilot study)


The objective of the study was to assess the effect of a domestic kitchen environment on the safety of meals prepared at home. The survey was performed using a questionnaire method. It comprised 50 randomly selected households from two provinces (Województwo Mazowieckie and Województwo Podkarpackie). Improprieties referring to the hygiene in home environments were pointed out (for example, expire dates of food products were disregarded or insufficiently regarded); it was stated that basic principles of food hygiene were not obeyed (for example, food products were placed on random shelves in refrigerators). Respondents (86%) acquired information about the hygiene in home environment from their families (it was their main source of information), and, to a lower degree, over radio, TV and/or magazines (26-36% of respondents). The study results analysed prove that there is a necessity to conduct further investigations in this domain, since their outcome and conclusions could be a valuable source of information useful in educating people with food safety in order to reduce incidence of food poisoning in the homes.


environment home hygiene, food safety