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Applying plant oils and fibre preparations to produce chicken meat burgers


The objective of the study was to assess the effect of partial substitution of pork jowl with a mixture of plant oils (replacement rate: 20 % or 40 %) in the composition of chicken burgers recipe, as well as of the addition of inulin (1%) or wheat fibre preparation (2 % or 3 %) on the quality of final product. It was found that the applied modifications in the recipe composition caused the thermal processing yield to significantly differ and the fat content in the burgers to decrease. All types of the burgers produced were highly positively assessed as regards their sensory properties, and significant differences were found only in the juiciness assessment scores. Despite significant differences in the shear force of products, measured using an instrumental method, the differences between sensory assessment results of the hardness of individual burger types were statistically insignificant. Based on the analysis results of fatty acid composition, it was confirmed that the addition of plant oils favoured the improvement of the nutritional value of fat contained in the product. The results obtained indicate that as regards the recipe of chicken burger, it is possible to replace 20 % of pork jowl with plant oils, and, at the same time, to add a selected dietary food preparation such as inulin or wheat fibre.


chicken meat burgers, plant oils, inulin, wheat fibre, quality