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Nutritional value of functional foods


Functional foods prepared by the enrichment of the traditional foodstuffs with the nutraceuticals or by the reprocessing of food components (designer foods) are expected to posses prevention and/or therapeutic activity against the specific, diet related chronic diseases. But functional foods ought to be transformed under typical metabolic processes in human organism as traditional foods e.g. sensory perception, mastication, digestion, absorption and utilisation despite the over content of biological active nutraceuticals. There is the great concern for the functional foods from the ecotrophology point of view. Only naturally rich of phytochemicals raw foods and/or enriched with probiotics (non GMF) can be accepted as nutritionally safe. In the case of the designer foods, it is the serious concern about the human health because of the danger of dietetic mistakes as the chronic disease factor, similarly to the well known effect of the high processed, nutritionally unbalanced traditional foods.