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Perfectioning of food law of the European Union in respect of safety and health protection of the consumers


The process of improving the international and local food law is found under the continuation. The Commission of FAO/WHO Codex Alimentarius and most of its Committees are conducting their activity. The measures, aimed at the improvement of the EU food rules are undertaken. As the necessity of harmonizing the regulations of our food law with the European law arises, we have to analyse and introduce the particular acts to our legislation with consideration not only of their current contents but also of the foreseeable changes. During the recent years, the European Union has conducted a wide-scale debate on the status of its food law, being initiated by Green Paper of the Commission, dated 1997 and entitled: „General Principles of Food Law of the European Union”. Summing up of the discussion in a part concerning consumer health protection has been found in the White Paper 2000 on food safety. The contents of provisions concerning amendments in the regulations were undoubtedly affected by famous scandals with beef contamination and BSE disease in Great Britain and poultry meat contamination with dioxins in Belgium. In the article, the major provisions of the White Paper have been presented and furnished with the comments. The current state of practical introduction of the EU regulations concerning consumer health protection into the rules of Polish law, has been discussed.