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Physical methods of food texturization


The following methods of compositional and operational food texturization have been reviewed. (A) Compositional methods (based on supplement connection of food inqredients): 1) texturization by combining of materials with different rheological properties, 2) filling, 3) lamination. (B) Operational methods (based on formation of new textural profile due to defined technological operations): 1) mechanical tenderisation, 2) tumbling, 3) crushing and mixing of frozen blocks, 4) flake cutting, 5) directional freezing, 6) pressing of frozen grinded meat into blocks ready for cutting into portions, 7) thermal gelation of pressed meat blocks, 8) battering of „tempura” style, 9) cold extusion in liquid refrigerated gases, 10) thermal extrusion, 11) gas-injection texturization, 12) fabrication of texturized meat analogues from surimi, 13) preparation of spun fibres, 14) explosion puffing, 15) ultra high pressure and others.