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Selected quality properties of dried beef meat snacks


The objective of this paper was to evaluate some selected physicochemical and sensory properties of dried meat snacks. Two different products (the Beef Jerky having original taste and Sweet&Hot Beef Jerky) were analysed in order to determine contents of dry matter, protein, fat, NaCl, and nitrates. The water activity of both types of snacks was also measured. A trained taste panel performed the sensory analysis of snacks examined using a 5-point scale. Additionally, consumer preferences were assessed on the basis of a questionnaire developed for this purpose. It was found that the Beef Jerky type snacks examined were characterized by some specific and akin quality properties. The Beef Jerky products assessed contained over 50% of protein, about 3.6% of fat, and about 6.0% of NaCl. Owing to the high content of dry matter (about 80%) and reduced water activity (0.7–0.8), the Beef Jerky snacks are convenient and usable market products. On the scale of 1 to 5, the general assessment score was 3.92 for Beef Jerky snacks having original taste, and 3.62 for Sweet&Hot Beef Jerky snacks, and this result proved their acceptable, good sensory quality. While studying the consumer preferences, it was stated that, generally, consumers preferred the Beef Jerky snacks having original taste than the Sweet&Hot ones, and the polled usually used a phrase ‘from time to time’ when describing their readiness to buy the two meat snacks.


meat snacks, Beef Jerky, sensory analysis, physicochemical composition, consumer preferences